Staff & Board

Executive Director

Tracy Bolo

Tracy joined Community Spoke as Executive Director in January of 2024. Leading the LNA team, Tracy is responsible for establishing, guiding, and implementing strategies that align with our mission and vision through initiating and fostering opportunities for collaboration, driving positive change, and ensuring effective systems for health and human services, as well as a valued and sustainable nonprofit sector.

Project Coordinator

Robin Lane

Robin joined Community SPOKE in July of 2016 and serves as project support for various collaborations. In this role, she helps coordinate logistics, conducts primary research, and serves as a secondary facilitator. Robin also serves as the Director of Membership for the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance (Community SPOKE’s partner organization). Prior to joining Community SPOKE, Robin spent her career in the furniture industry in a diverse number of roles including sales, marketing, and project management, ultimately becoming an owner/partner in a start-up furniture company. Robin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Environmental Analysis, Interior Design from Cornell University. Locally, she is a graduate of West Coast Leadership and has earned the Innovation Methods Certification from the NewNorth Center for Design in Business. She also volunteers with Kids Hope USA.

Director of Community Partnerships

Meagan Mass

Meagan joined as the Director of Community Partnerships in May of 2021. In this role, Meagan helps to foster cross-sector collaborations and engage various partners in addressing the greatest health and human services issues in our community. Meagan also serves as the Director of Program and Community Partnerships for the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance (Community SPOKE’s partner organization). Meagan’s background in social work combined with her experience in collaborating with other nonprofits in the community during the 8 years working for Community Action House, prepared her well to understand the complex social sector challenges experienced in Ottawa County. “One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about my time working and living in this community is the opportunity I’ve had to meet and build relationships with so many different people/groups. While building key partnerships I’ve been able to learn about various industries, worship with many different communities, and meet passionate people who want to work alongside me and others to help make this community better for EVERYONE.” Meagan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University and is a graduate of West Coast Leadership. She volunteers and supports several local nonprofits as well as serves on the board of her faith community.

Board of Directors


Jodi Cole Meyer

Love Your Neighbor



Kendra Spanjer

Ottawa County Department of Health & Human Services



Drew Peirce

Nonprofit Leader



Ricki Levine

Holland Museum



Patrick Johnson

Amplify GR

David Lee

Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates

Jen Self-Aulgur

Harbor Humane Society

Reyna Masko

Tri Cities Puentes, Ottawa County Friend of the Court

Johnny Rodriguez

Latin Americans United for Progress (LAUP)

Elizabeth Kidd

Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area

Greg Coil

Tri Cities Family YMCA

Beth Larsen

JMT Consulting

Greg Coil

Tri Cities Family YMCA